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Bought this car from a local guy who wanted to rip out its innards and use them on a mini truck ... he picked the car up off a kid who wanted to turn it into a track only drift missile
I saved it from either of those fates ... and intend to build a fairly simple Resto-mod keeping the car tasteful and sleek
however its got a lot of work to do ... until then its known as THE TUMBLER
1993 Nissan 240sx (Black)


This is where the good stuff really starts for this car. the Engine bay has been cleaned and simplified , an AEM Typhoon intake , uninstalled nistune and extra ECU, bigger injectors suspected, the Engine has been completely rebuild from the bottom up it appears , Engine is very clean and runs like a top.
This all runs through an Aluminum driveshaft and into an un-identified diff (open ,VLSD swap)
Exhaust is an unknown Headerback performance exhaust which sounds extremely nice , not too loud not too quiet
interior was stripped save for the front seat trim , most of the plastics in the center console have been dremeled to accommodate shitty electronic accessory gear , the trim around the cluster guage is painted electric blue as was the center console and some vent trim on the dash ( all except the cluster trim have been restored to original black) , B&M Short Throw , Battery Relocated to rear seat area, Drift Button on the Hand Brake, crappy shifter knob .. I'll be designing my own shortly .. thats about all i can remember at this moment...
Antenna removed , needs headlight motors worked on , only one goes up and down reliably
needs some body work but overall fairly low amounts of rust , very clean frame
decent looking speakers wired and mounted to the rear wall area in a shitty fashion .. they will either be deleted or relocated to the actual hatch area.. decent head unit with aux in and theres some odd wiring in my center console .. ill have to add pics to see if anyone can ID if its for the sound system or something else
Eibach Springs and KYB struts car sits at a very nice Daily Drifter height ... low enough you can tell there will be some performance gains , but high enough that its not
#HELLAFLUSH.... and it wont ever be
apparently the last owner said it needs a rear strut on passenger side.
also the car needs the steering rack bushings replaced or the entire assembly replaced or repaired eventually
Wheel and Tire
R17's round the whole thing , i believe ive ID'd them as SPeedy Wheels lite 8's .....back set is painted black front set was left brushed aluminum ... but will soon match the backs.
tires have some odd siezes to them but mainly i estimate
225/30/r17's approx


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