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  1. S13 240SX (89-94)
    Hey yall I need help finding the part number for this particular hose. It goes on the intake plenum (KA24E SOHC). Any help would be appreciated. Here’s the pictures:
  2. New Member Introductions
    I just bought my first 240sx and its timing chain was rattling at start so i went to replace it. Took me 2 days to get the cover off now thats it off i put on a new chain but the chain seems to be either to long bcuz its loose or i put the chain on wrong causing it to be loose. I bought a new...
  3. Want to Buy Section
    Well I'm looking for a sohc lip. Post or PM ! ASAP !! Thanks.
  4. S13 240SX (89-94)
    like the title says, when im moving and want to accelerate fast in 3rd when i hit around 3,500rpm it just cuts off fuel or spark or something, then i let it rev down to about 2,900 and it will let me accelerate again. when this is happening if i push the gas down you and hear it trying to push...
  5. Want to Buy Section
    :9pitty:9pitty:9pitty:9pittyworking good ka24e mitsubisht distributor :9pitty
  6. Want to Buy Section
    well here is the scoop, i was driving this beast" to work in the rain. As soon as she touches the parking lot it goes DEAD. I have fuel. i have spark but no ground signal to injectors so im looking for a good mitsubishi distributor fer cheap if you got one
  7. S13 240SX (89-94)
    Alright, one of my first posts on here, but I have been doing lots and lots and lots of reading. I would appreciate any insight on my project, both critical and positive. As a background, I bought this 1990 240sx Hatchback with no knowledge of the 240 scene and even less knowledge of turboed...
  8. Items for Sale
    i got a single over head cam ka24e for sale. it came out of an 89 coupe. I believe the timing chain broke not sure. 165,191 miles on it askin for $150 but i am flexible. PICK UPS ONLY!
  9. S13 240SX (89-94)
  10. KA24DE & KA24E
    Last set of parts coming tomorrow! Then I'll be installing the turbo! Pretty stoked for my single slammer. :S-A-Smack:
  11. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    Name: Billy Location: Columbus, NJ 08022 Contact Info: in description Year: 1990 Make: Nissan Model: 240sx Color: Black Mileage: in description Transmission: Manual Price: $3600 Description: I daily drive the car and have been for the past year and a half and still do. Just recorded 24...
  12. General Automotive
    Anyway look at the picture, it was taken a couple weeks ago, cause my friend is looking to buy a truck so we were browsing the Ford website when i noticed something was not quite right with one of the engine options. just found the picture again while i was looking. As far as i know its not...
  13. KA24DE & KA24E
    Can someone help me find a decent cam for my 90 240? i've found a couple off different ones but i'm afraid of getting something low quality and destroying my engine. so does anyone know where i can get a good cam to give my sohc a little more kick?
  14. Items for Sale
    Time for me to clean house, so up for grabs is all the KA24E engine parts i have. The list isn't comlpete, so if you don't see what you need, just ask. Pictures of anything available upon request. All prices are before shipping and obo. The list: Bare block-----------------------------$30 4...
  15. Items for Sale
    Hi, I am selling my SOHC KA24E T3 turbo manifold and s13 Pacesetter Monza catback exhaust system. The manifold has not been used by me, but is in used condition and is custom made for a T3 or T3/T4 with external wastegate. The welds are still good, but missing one stud, but you can pick one up...
  16. General Tech
    Please before you say search, I've searched around on the internet time over time and no info...I've found leads but no answers. Ok here goes, I'm 16 and I got my 1st 240sx on Valentine day. I drove around for about a few months then the lifters started ticking...So I stopped driving it. Then I...
1-17 of 17 Results