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'09 Spring Mid-Atlantic240sx BBQ meet

April 18, 2009(Saturday) around NOON'ish...Rain date - Saturday April 25, 2009

Pohick Bay Regional Park(Virginia)
6501 Pohick Bay Dr
Lorton, VA 22079
Tysons Corner, VA --> Pohick Bay

***Park entrance fee is $7.00 per car for non-VA residents
also check out other activities they have for a small fee (right-side)

A chance to meet other Nissan 240sx owners around the Mid-Atlantic area, show off your projects, exchange parts an what-not, chit-chat and stuff your face!

We need everyone to bring at least 1 of SOMETHING to help/share at the meet; food, plates, napkins, trash bags, etc...
*Shoppers is the nearest grocery store coming off of I-95

Just for your information:
- Alcohol is not allowed. (I say do your best to conceal it ;) + don't get wasted)
- NO reckless activities burnout, racing, drifting, etc... it is a family environment.
- Clean up after yourselves.

-- Spread the word & Bring anyone you know that drives a 240 or a RWD

***I'll be there very early 10:30ish to get things started and to claim a good spot to chillax.

~Cruise/[email protected] Corner 2 mall top floor in front of Legal Sea Foods at 9:15am depart at 9:30am, (be ON time)for those that don't want to worry about getting lost or to those that just want to tag-a-long.

What is needed::
Other items are welcomed.
(some listed twice to make sure there is enough food for everyone)

**Shoppers is the nearest grocery store coming off of I-95**

Hot Dogs(2pk. of 8 or more) = Maverick
Hot Dogs(2pk. of 8 or more) =
Hot Dog Buns(match amount of hot dogs) = Maverick
Hot Dog Buns(match amount of hot dogs) =
Burgers(12pk or more)) = sillyboi1226
Burgers(12pk or more)= NX2KDET
Burger Buns(match amount of burgers) = sillyboi1226
Burger Buns(match amount of burgers) =
Sausages = Techie - Polish Sausages
Sausages = boriquaS13(spicy and regular)
Grilled/Fried Chicken =
Potato or Mac Salad? =
Chips = NX2KDET
Chips =
2pk. Soda[CANS] = Turka - Mt. Dew & Iced Tea
2pk. Soda[CANS] =
Ketchup = boriquaS13
Mustard = boriquaS13

Cookies = Turka
Salad Fruit or Veggie = SimpleS14

Extra Stuff to go on Burgers(Tomato, Lettuce, Mayonnaise) = ME(roorr0)

Plates =
Napkins =
Eating Utensils =
Cooler + Ice =
Cooking Utensils = ME(roorr0)
Charcoal + Lighter fluid = ME(roorr0)
Trash Bags = ME(roorr0)

Also try to bring some fun-tivity stuff like a football, frisbee, soccer ball, etc...

Sorry for the late notice, hope you can still stop by.

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