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16" Wheels and 17" Tires

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Same tires Enjuku uses, won them at Drift Day Comp 4

2 - 225/45/17 Kumho Ecsta MX (used for one event, still pretty new) ^^$200^^

2 - 245/45/17 Kumho Ecsta MX Brand new ^^$225^^

2 16x8 -10 Starion Wheels (silver), one has a bend in the lip but its minor and still holds air). ^^$200^^

2 16x8 -10 Starion Wheels (black) ^^$200^^

All prices do not include shipping.

Located in Chicago.
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Starions in the rear, you will need a pull with 2 degrees of camber.



I don't have pics of the damage, my camera has been broken for some time now, they are in a "used" condition, but they have polished lips, so clean em and it will be too bling to notice blemishes.

No pics of tires.
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One more thing.

1 TF Trunk Bar, I am getting a cage and do not need it
tuner1014 said:
u got 5 lug in rears and 4 lug in front?

Car was in the process of changing 5 lug all around but could not complete the switch and had an event to go to. Won those Kumhos on 4/5 lug. Now its 5 lug all around and 17/18s
mynismo said:
what brand tires are those?

email [email protected]
lol whoops im slow, Kumho Ecsta MX
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