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16g flange?

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I've been into 240's for a while now building my 4th, I'm not a mechanic or anything but i can do simple stuff body work, suspension, bolt ons. I plan on driving a ka-t this time instead of a sr20. Someone gave me a 16g turbo, I'm wondering what kind of flange is that and who makes a manifold for it? I heard it's the same flange as a t25 but I'm not sure. I'd appreciate any help thanks!
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yeah i thought so too, but do you know of anyone who makes a manifold so I don't have to buy and adapter or spend money on welding. thanks bro
[email protected]

If they are still around they were the only people I know of that carried a ka turbo manifold with a mitsubishi big 16g flange
thanks, the site doesn't exist but I shot them an email anyway
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