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18 and 19 Inch Tires Galore

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[18 and 19 Inch Tires $100!!! for them all! need money

I have some extra tires and will be getting some more this week.
Set urself up for the rest of ur drifting season or get ready for drift battle.
Or throw some new tires on ur ride.

I have mostly 18's and 19's at the momment but if you need an abundance of a size let me know and ill get you what I can for the right price.

I Have:

(10) Continental ContiPro Contact - 245/40R18 $45 for two or $200 for the whole stack.
all of them are above from 50% to 80% left on them. Two of them have a little curb rash on them but I will cut a deal if someone wants to take them.

(4) Goodyear Eagle Rs-A - P235/50R18 $50 for two or $90 for all four
have around 50% left on them

(2) Goodyear Eagle Rs-A - P255/60R19 $55 for two
have around 50% left on them

(1) BridgeStone Potenza - P255/50R18 $30
has around 70% left on it

(1) Perelli Pzero Nero - P245/50ZR19 $65
Has 95% left on it but it has a pin size hole on it that can be very easily patched on it.

(4) Michelin Latitude Tour HP - 255/50R19 $60 for two $100 four all four
Or you can have them all and make your own profit for $100! for all of these.

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