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1979 Lotus Esprit "GNX"

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The rumors are true! Someone did put a modified Buick Regal GNX motor in a Lotus Esprit and here it is! If you know anything about the 1987 Buick Regal GNX, then you just begin to understand what kind of power and reliability this exotic car has.

Start with a stock 3460 lb. 1987 Buick GNX with an automatic transmission running 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and the � mile in 13.5 seconds (verified at and delete everything but the motor. Then add many performance upgrades, a 5 speed upgraded manual transmission, and put it in a 2500 lb. exotic car (documented curb weight with the GNX motor). When you mash the accelerator, you either spill out uncontrollable expletives or think of the movie “Gladiator” just after Russell Crowe commands, “UNLEASH HELL”.

This is a low-mid 11-second �-mile rocket only limited by your level of fear and driving skill. Also thrilling is getting waves of admiration and thumbs up from other drivers. In addition to mind-blowing power and looks, another benefit of this car and its very light weight is the fuel-injected motor exceeds an average of 24 MPG when driven with respect. For the truly insane, only $1200 in modern performance Buick parts would add another 110 HP…
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As much as I applaud their success at making something original, I also don't agree with how they achieved either.
It would have been cool if it was done in a like.. miata or something. not something like a 1979 espirit.
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