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its a '89 240. this is the 3rd time i lower the price. i'm selling it for $1200 obo... heres the problems.....

1. clutch grinds into second gear when shifting too fast.
2. valves rattle when car is not warmed up.
3. car has a grey spot due to some bondo work.
4. needs new paint job.
5. dash has a few cracks and drivers seat has hole on the left side.

the good:

the car has a full tune-up spark plugs, spark plug cables, cap n roter, air filter, oil, steam cleaning, 9 month old battery.

i dont have pictures yet but will have some soon hopefully... please if anybodys interested my number is 323-474-4513 ask for jonathan.
also the car is located in Highland Park, Los Angeles.
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