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I'm Trying To Get Rid Of My 240 Becuase I'm Leaving To Washington And I Wont Be Able To Take The Car With Me. Its A 1989 240sx. The Car Is In Fair Condition. It's White With A Grew Spot On The Drivers Side Due To Soome Kid Backing Into The Drivers Side. I Got Everything Fixed The Only Ting Is That It Ow Need A New Paint Job. Heres A List Of The Problems:

The Bad

1. Valves Rattle When The Car Isn't Warmed Up.
2. The Clutch Grinds In To Second Gear.
3. New Paint Job.
4. Also Might Need To Blee The Clutch.
5. Needs New Rear Tires.

The Good

1. Car Still Runs And Pulls Pretty Strong.
2. I'm Selling It For Pretty Cheap
3. Momo Steering Wheel
4. Tinted Windows.
5. Full Tune Up

New: Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Cables
Air Filter
Steam Cleaned
Cap And Roter
And Thats It I Think.

The Interior Is Brown And In Ok Condition Too Accept For A Few Cracks On The Dash Board And The Drivers Seat Has A Hole On The Left Side. I'm Going To Try And Get Some Pictures Up In The Next Few Days. Im Located In Highland Park, Los Angeles. I'm Selling The Car At A New Lowered Price For $1300 Obo. If Anybody Has Any Questions Don't Hesitate To Call Me At 323-474-4513. My Name Is Jonathan.
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