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1990 KA24E - Can anyone identify this ticking?!?!?!

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The ticking started after an oil change/ spark plug change/ replacement of intake manifold, egr, fuel rail etc.... Had just gotten the car so don't know what oil was previously used. But its now running 5w-30. There Is a small crack on the head that is an inch long hair line crack. And there is an exhaust leak around the cat. The possibilities that ive researched are anywhere from a lifter, valve, timing chain, then the worse ones; rod knock, piston slap, or spun bearing...

NOTE: On a cold start there is no ticking what so ever. Once the car climbs to a normal running temp is when the ticking starts and persists whether at idle, reved, or even driven.

YouTube - 1990 KA24E - Can anyone identify this ticking?!?!?!
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Ive pulled the valve cover, everything seems to be in order but im also a little confused as to what exactly im checking for. Ive found some information on lifers i just didnt exactly get what to test or look for.
what grade oil are you using? thats your lifters. mine did that when i swapped my oil. i used to use 15w-40, but now use 5w-40 full synthetic castrol oil. my lifter tap has disappeared. if your using a high grade oil, try switching to a lower grade. the car is supposed to use 10w-30 oil, so if your using higher than that, i would recommend to use a lower one. anyway, thats just my .02 cents

edit: ok, i just read your first post lol, i went straight to the vid. anyway, try using 10w-40 or 5w-40.
im using 5w-30 quaker state high millage.
bump... any other opinions or input?
When you change the oil I hope you filled the new filter about 3/4 full with oil.
...priming the filter is more optional than anything, and especially on a NA car.
did not prime the filter. so do i need to pull the lifters and clean them? go the seafoam route? or just simply change my oil?
before my ka24e blew it sounded exactly like that :gaah: ......does it get louder around 3000 rpm? oh and dont use seafoam i did that about a week before it blew idk if it speed it up or not...because the seafoam is more like gasoline not oil lol.
just because you used seafoam and your engine blew doesnt mean the 2 go together. your engine was probably already on its last leg, and because you engine was clogged or what not, the seafoam cleaned it up and well, kaboom. the seafoam most likely did its job, but your engine was most likely already going out.
yeah i got that same ticking noise as you. but my car also shakes up until 1500rpm. like a sputtering coming from the engine. at higher rpm it goes away or it gets masked by the engine.. it most definitely sounds like a truck motor
New problem. Not exactly new... but When the ticking started so did a mass of smoke coming out of the tail pipe. Im talking to the point that you cant see a foot in front of you when standing in this smoke. I say new problem because it had stopped smoking for a while and everything seemed fine. Then as i was letting it idle to burn through this tank that i had added "crc GTP fuel system cleaner" (guaranteed to pass). I had a feeling thats what was causing the smoke. But now i dont know... Please help
ya that was causing the smoke the same thing happens if u add seafoam. it was most likely the cleaner.
That much smoke tho? To the point that once you get out of the car you cant see where to walk to get out of the smoke?
the smoke is usually gray with a tint of brown in it
Could be lifters, timing chain guide, or rod knock...... change to a different oil, or get your timing chain guide replaced, or rebuild. Either way, take it to a shop that knows what they're doing. My city JUST BARELY got a reputable shop for nissans.
In all my years of messing with SOHC's, I've come to realize they hate thin oil. My brother has had 3 different SOHC's, and all of them had loud ticks with thinner oil. As soon as he started running 15w-50, you could not hear any ticks and the engine was noticeably quieter.
I've been running synthetic 15w-50 for the last 3-4 years, and SAE 20w-50 before that. My advice, use thicker oil.
what im trying to say about the seafoam is it thins the oil........what might of possibley made mine go out quicker.
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