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Rebuilding my KA24DE to turbo, and had the unfortunate news that my cylinder head was no good. From what I can tell, the cylinder head from a 98-04 Frontier should work on a 1993 240sx block. The casting number on the 240sx head is 53F and the casting number for the Frontier is 45F. I already know that I will need a S14 valve cover since the bolts are different for the 45F head. Is there any other casting differences that would not work? The entire head will be rebuilt with performance upgrades and new cams, so I am not worried about the different cam profiles or different valves and springs. Has anyone else replaced their head with a frontier head?

The only reason I am seeing if this is an option is because frontier heads are easy to come by and the head will be built anyways. If any one has done this and it works, that is all the info I need.
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