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2010 SoCal S-Chassis Car Show and Meet

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Roll in 1030am-1130am
Judging begins 12pm
trophies & raffles 130pm
cruise leaves 3pm

Trophies donated by-
Edward Jones Investments
(562) 809-9580
Special Raffle $10 per ticket
1 ticket to the Formula D skybox
includes both days,food, drinks(sodas and water. there is a private bar
upstairs if you want alcohol)
1 additional ticket will be reffled for every 15 raffle tickets sold
That's a 1 in 15 chance of winning.
tickets will also be sold outright for $150
Raffle prizes $5 ticket or 5 tickets for $20
Hyper rev magazines
Nismo Gt shift knob
Tomei Duracon shift knob
Greddy turbo timer
set S13 sway bars
set s13 rucas
set s13 traction arms
Trust GREX shift knob
300mm rear view mirror
set of NRG pedal covers
ka24de headers
Hello Kitty horn buttons
A1 Motorsports
S13 Megan cat back exhaust
free baseline dyno
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Sounds fun, tobad i dont have money to go. Or the cool car haha mine is too ugly
Sounds fun, tobad i dont have money to go. Or the cool car haha mine is too ugly
It doesn't cost anything to come, other than gas, if you don't race. and It doesn't matter what your car looks like, just come out.
might come out for that
Come pick me up too cause i dont have gas money lol
if im out there i will
me two its on the way
fonix if i had a back seat i would
is that free or 20 bux entree ? cuz im sorta new to this forum and i been to some meet before but never a 240sx
the 3rd post on this thread says its free if your not racing
looks sick idk my mom and step dad wanna go out there about that time but its when i start school up and my b-day on the 16th hey maybe i might get the car you never know haha :p we will see tho
Hell yeah. I have two rides now :) Lets go
future bring your car i want to race you
If you pay for the gas from my house to there and back ill take my POS lol

if i come down for that deal if not we will race when i go down
Ummmmlet me make sure this is right

You come to my house. You pay for my gas to get back and forth and race you. Ummm my car only feels up on Shell 91. It cost over $50 to fill it up. And Get about 19mpg doing normal driving.

Still call a deal?
no we will find a place buy your house to race

party at 240sx_kids when i come down

will you drive me back?
Right down the street. And you can pay for the gas im wasting to lose to you :)

and yeah ill drive you home. were taking your car right?
yeah. probably i assume my car has better gas mileage. and i want to show up in a good looking car no offense
Yeah my shit is ugly ): paint it for me?
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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