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225 / 35 / 18 by 9.5

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ok, i have search for the last few days for hours now on this set up. im lloking to buy some for my fronts cause i need the clearence.
i have seen alot of 225 / (40) 18 by 9.5 but not 35`s. have anyone done this or have pics of it?
if i really need to i can do 40`s but rather do 35 since ill be runn 40`s in the back and want the tilt effect.
thanks to any help
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I've been searching for awhile to find a 235/35 and a 255/35/18 but I havnt had any luck.

Im about to call Federal and ask them whatsup and why I cant find any 35 sidewalls in 18s.

If the queers with 22s can get 15 sidewalls, i should be able to get a 35 lol
i have a 255 35 18 on my car now. wanna buy then lol.... for real. i can take a pic and send it to your phone...?
Depends on where you live lol
front 18x9.5 +15 225/35
rear 18x9.5 +15 and 25mm spacers 225/40

18x9.5 +12 225/35 toyo t1rs
19x10.5 +12 245/35 toyo t1rs stock camber and toe still

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i live in NOR CALI.
also the white one looks more stretched then the sexy s15 ones. i dont mind that one. i might have go with the 235 35`s.
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