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240sx hatchback cost

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im 15 not ready to buy just yet but id like to know whats the typical price for a 240sx hatchback with a manual transmission, id like to find one for under $3500 and i live in Michigan?

and i love American muscle cars but the cheapest i can get are 80s camaros and foxbody mustang but i just dont want one id like something else like a 240z but they dont have a backseat which i need so a 240sx is a good car that id modify for autox and maybe some drifting so my other question is who has put a ls1 v8 in there 240sx and how easy is it,and is it expensive?

and where could i get a silvia front end to swap out for the hide away headlights front end?
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First off welcome to the forum. Take a look at the sticky's in each catagory. You'll find more than enough info on every subject you asked about.
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