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240sx ring gear and pinion

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will a R33 gtr RB25DET Manual Rear Differential ring and pinion work on a 95 240sx with out swaping the housing just the ring and pinion gear? and if it does will my Kaaz 2-way LSD work with the R33 ring and pinion gear?
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Yes and Yes. The only thing I'm not sure of is the Bolt size. There are 10mm and 13mm. I know the S15 Diff's require 13mm Bolts but I'm not sure about the Skyline Diff's.
Whats the ratio on the GTR rear end?
I have it at home. I'll post. BTW there is no RB25 GTR ;)
It's 411:1 slightly smaller thatn the stock 240's.
For the record, 4.111's came in

R32 & R33 GTR

Stagea wagon's to but meh...
So... really no gain at all from the stock 410 rear end in the open diff right?

OMG wtb 4.6 rear end gear.
No but in an Auto-X situation it could help put you a little higher in say 2nd or 3rd where need be. I plan on using a 4.111 with a 4x4 Trans. That'll be fun...
so you dont think switching over to the 411:1 will give me an extra kick of the line, and rev up faster?
Not very noticeable if at all.

Going from 4.083 to a 4.111 = a 1.0006% Increase in Ratio. Gains are minimal to none. a 4.364 would be a better choice.
how do i get one? and stupid question here, but is isis a good company? I mean they sell there parts cheaper than any competeitor....
is it good stuff?
Go search what Nissan's came with 4.364/4.363 Gear's. Same way how you know the Skyline's have 4.111's ;)
The front diff of an '01 Xterra is what apparently had the 4.6 gear in it (why thats not also found in the rear end I've no idea, odd multiplier in the transfer case I guess) Too bad I didn't think to look for the Nissan 4x4's when I went to the junk yard today.

I should make a habit of going to the place weekly.
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