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240sx vs. 03 accord

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me and my friend were driving to a car show, he has an 03 3.2tl and we were fucking around but not racing and this new model accord (2003 4cyl 2dr) rolls up body kit and all, reving on us and cutting us off, the accord got injen intake and cat-back exhaust, do know what else, i've seen him before he always drives like a dick so i was eager to smoke him. so finally we get away from traffic and im behind the accord when he takes off, we're going like 40 i dont even downshift to 2nd i just keep in third and go after him, so i pull up to him through third, put it in fourth and pull ahead about 3 cars, and shut down, i love makin dudes feel dumb when they're all cocky and shit.
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nice, what do u have done to your car?
95 240sx, just short ram intake, 2 1/2 exhaust no cat, resistor lol
those 4 cyl Accords are really slow. ive ran one from a dead stop with my SOHC. He sat and spun while i pulled a car then kept on pulling through 2nd and stopped because i felt sorry for how slow his car was. He then did the ricer flybye about 2 seconds later. Go figure.
The stick version is a little, just a little perkier than the auto. my gf drives the auto version and it's real slow. I don't feel the torque.
6 cylinder ones are a totally different story though.. way totally different story..
yeah the v6 got like 240hp 6sp trans the only thing though is i havent seen much done with them since they came out.
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