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5 lug conversion- swapping parts from an s13 to s14

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So I crashed my car sometime this month and im trying to figure out if certain parts could swap over or not. Right now im trying to figure out, since I have a 5 lug conversion(put in by previous owner) if I can grab the HUB from the s13. Can I just swap it into the s14? or are the spindles different?
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sell them to me
Let me find out if the HUB fits or not....ill let you know wassup
They will fit
If they are s14 hubs why would they not fit?
I dont know if their s14 hubs. I'm transferring 5 lug hubs from my s13 to a s14. I have no idea what kind of hub it is, since it was already in when I got the car... :(
Post pictures

But they should fit, no problem
The ichiba hubs specify S13 years, so it's possible either direction. See if someone replies that knows lol. (no offense Future ;) )
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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