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5 speed transmission questions

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Hello, I am a longtime Nissan guy, owned many 240,260,280 z's, but this newer 240sx is a new learning experience. I realiize that many parts interchange in these cars with the newer 300z's but I have a left-over 5 speed from a 93 or 94 300Z, and wondered if it is the same as the ones used in the 240sx. I have asked around, but have not gotten a straight answer. It looks like a very beefy transmission, and if I can use it in a auto to stick swap, I sure would like to know if it can be done.
Also, I am told that spun bearings are common for 240sx's. Any truth to that?
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Direct bolt-on no. But the do make Z32 Trans swap kits that allows you to bolt it on using adapter plates custom D/S etc.
Mazworx makes good quality Z32 Trans kits. As well as Xcessive.
I also have a question about the z32 tranny...I have heard that the z32 6 speed is allot weaker than the SR 5 speed...any truth to this? I know I know search but i am running out the door and wanted to ask.
The 6spd Z32 was kind of Rare to my understanding so I'm not to sure. But considering the trans has to hold a car that both makes more power and weights more I don't see why Nissan would put a weaker trans...
Goooood Point.....thanks
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