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5k rpm cut/ speed governor S13 KA (Fixed)

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Just want to make this post to help anyone out with the same issue, I've got a hatch with a ka that I swapped in. It ran great however occasionally it would cut out a 5k rpm. I unplugged the speed sensor and 5th/4th gear switches, and still didn't help. Well turns out my gauge cluster speedometer is bad or going bad, and would tell the ecu the wrong speed. I ended up just cutting the yellow and green wire going to the ecu, and now the idle comes back down properly and I no longer have a 5k rpm limit at times. I also ended up buying a auto ecu, which got rid of the limiter, however it didn't run as well as the manual ecu. I may have gotten sold a bad auto ecu but oh well the problem is fixed. Hope this helps someone!
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Thanks for posting.
I'm not familiar with the circuit at all, so I'm not sure if it goes
1. Speed sensor > Cluster > ecu OR
2. Speed sensor > Ecu> cluster

I also have no idea what you cut going to the ecu.
I'm sure you checked out the FSM and know what you're doing.

Wasn't it an upgrade way back in the day in manual cars, that you WANTED the auto ecu because of the higher rev limit?
Could have sworn that was a thing.

Regardless I'm glad you got it figured out.
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My speedometer works half the time, and it’ll actually go up in speed with the actual speed sensor unplugged so I knew I had a issue there. You’re right about the sensor to cluster to ecu. I snipped pin 32 speed wire and put electric tape over to make it look cleaner. Thanks for chiming in! Have a great day
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