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1989 Nissan 240SX Hatch auto
Black w/grey interior
SE wheels, front lip
body and frame is rust free. Hatch has rust (I ripped off the spoiler and taped over the holes)
Interior extremely clean ,not even the normal rips.
no sunroof
110k miles
hatch (rust)
popped in back corner, 1 inch dent in rear quarter and cracked bumper. I have another parts car you can take the bumper off of.
drivers side window not moving.(its up but probably off track.
trans won't shift into 3rd. I have a new trans filter and fluid to put in car but I have'nt had the chance.
And NJ wrote "past mechanical limits on the title) so its a good title but would be considered TMU in NJ.Not sure if that transfers to other states.
maybe the trans will work with the filter again and luck out
pop in a used tranny from everyone doing the swaps,
swap in a 5 speed or an sr complete
whatever you want its cheap.
pics here.
email me at [email protected]
or call me during the day at 215-744-4000
car is in Cherry Hill,NJ outside of Philly

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If I lived anywhere near philly I would definetly look into buying it...Im helping my friend put an RB motor in his 240 just like mine....cept he kinda needs the 240 first.
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