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89 Coupe budget track build

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About a year ago I bought an 89 coupe, XE model, hardtop, crank windows, no A/C, Base model, except it has tan leather interior. It had already been swapped to DOHC KA, and was factory 5spd. I traded it for a pretty nice 1911, and then traded back about 2 weeks ago, We drove it till it quit, which was about 10 minutes. It had a blown head gasket and one tire just about blew up. I Will be able to post up pics later. They are on my buddies phone, this is pretty much a 50/50 project between us. At first, we were wanting LS1, but my buddy had a "fresh" CA18 that he would sell my pretty cheap, so we were thinking thats what we would jump on. A closer buddy of mine has a pretty nice SR. He just got an RB25NEO, so we are getting the SR. If i remember correctly, It has a GT2871, RC660s, front mount, HKS fuel rail, HKS 264/272 cams, the rocker stoppers, whenever he got the cams he got the whole head rebuilt. It's coming with 2 trannys, the 62 ECU, and NISTUNE, and a laptop with the software. Probably some more I'm forgetting. We have the whole interior stripped, we have all (or almost all) of the sound deadening out. The dash is out, We are working on trimming and reinforcing the rear speaker area. We are about to sand blast and paint the interior, Its about time for the roll cage. We are working on pulling and labeling the wiring harness right now, and will be trimming it and tucking it the best we can. We are about to finish stripping and painting the engine bay, and we are supposed to have the SR sometime later this week so we can start playing around with everything in there, see what we'll need and all. I know we will need a BOV, and a wideband, FPR, other than that, i think the motor is complete. I have a 90 Talon AWD for sale, I think I'm going to take the steering wheel and shifter out and put stock wheel back in it and some other shifter. Those 2 items have sentimental value. They were made out of scrap titanium from a shop I used to work at. It's a Grant of some sort, I made a titanium center cap to match the shifter. The shifter is relativley Anyway we are pretty much making it as light as possible, this is not a daily driver, we're trying to get in to local SCCA events, and building the car is more of a fun thing wanted to do for a while. So other than the above mentioned parts, we have suspension to do. Which here in town, theres like two 240 groups, so I'm not too worried about finding the parts, and we aren't a hurry. We are doing it right. It wont have any of the factory brown plastic, it will be street legal, I'll text my buddy and see if he can post the pics tonight, He's got them on his new Galaxy S, so they're pretty damn good pics. We're ass deep in this thing and theres certainly no turning back at this point. So this should be a pretty interesting build. We are going to be doing all the fabrication we can with the tools we have. Let us know what you think, probably be updating once a week or so.
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Sounds cool. I want some pictures! I want to see that tan leather interior and some pics of the 1911 if you have em. If you're doing a build, link me to the thread because I'm not sure if they want you posting a build thread in the technical questions section.
I've got a couple pics of the gun too. its a Springfield TRP with night sights, without the rail, and with the armorkote. It looks like it could be the weekend before we get some pics.
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