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90 240 sx motor and exhaust parts

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im in jax florida but need to get rid of the motor( missing the head), trans and exhaust by friday. let me know quick or its gettin sold for scrap (dont want to but its a story)
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do you have a starter, fuel pump, idle air control vavle and auxilary air valve?
i have the aac valve if thats what you are looking for, the starter im holdin onto, the fuel pump is not out yet but ill keep you posted about that. and the iac is the one diaphram on the end of intake runner 4 right? if so i have that also
yeah the air regulator? the fsm calls it the aux air valve, and with the iac i basically need the whole piece that bolts on the back of the intake, i managed to find a 92 auto in a junkyard today though so i got the fuel pump, and almost the starter so i no longer need those
i couldnt get either off they were stuck on pretty damn well and wasnt about to start with the mallet on it. sorry bud
np ill keep a look out theres a bunch getting parted in the area.
i still have it but from what i hear i need some of the connectors for the sr swap. im a little to cheap to buy a premade one haha
how much for the motor? tx t me at 3619353930 im like hr and hlf from you
everything is gone except the harness and ecu now.
do you still have the harness, please let me know, thnx
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