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90 240 to S15?

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Basically im trying to figure out if i can get a conversion kit for my 90 240 im looking for original s15 bumper hood and fenders nothing special atleast for now any suggestions?
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yeah you could do it.. and heres the kit by a forum sponsor too.. S15 Front End Conversion for S13 or S14 [ s13.5frontpkg ] - Enjuku Racing - Performance Parts and High Quality Fabrication

WILD: loooks bad ass too.. comes with everythang.. even carbon oem hood. but you gotta go like RB25 somethin to hybrid your conversion.. specially since you tryna qualify for baller status :twocents:

MILD: or you could just buy the s15 stuff.. like core support, head lights, (conversion?) fenders, hood, bumper thats it... oh and this

even a video on... YOUTUBE!

oh yeah.. whys your title got that angry mad red face.. did you just not even want to search?
rb25 you mean motor wise cause i only have a red top its all i could afford at the time?
He was. It was just him saying hey, if you're gonna go all out on body, might as well have a nice motor.

You're fine with what you have.

Still, yes, that's what you'll need. Enjuku's kit is complete and simple, or find the parts used.
yeah what BoostinX said.. i labeled that option Wild... or you could go mild, the only thing about that (do you have a hatch) finding rims to really set the s15 front off super baller mitch match wheels :idea:. hatches look effin great with multi spoke angle design the S15 more of a straighter spoke design like a 6 spoke.. then you flip flop crazy spoke wheels in the back (if you could imagine BBS esque) and the 6 spokes up front would look very humble :10:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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