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90 240 with a twin cam

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Hey guys,

just joined the nissan fam and im having a huge prob with my 240. to me its a huge prob. i cant get the car to pass smog. Its running rich. i can smell it. and i dont know wat to do. my buddy was telling me to change the O2 sensor but do you guys know anything else that could cause it?

thanks for the help.

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does it have the emmisions???
if i am gonna swap to a diff motor i make sure i get the most out of it and remove them.(just test all the emission items and compair to FSM)
I dont know what or where that light is. but there is wat i believe to be the check engine light. I spoke to my muffler guys and they told me that changing the cat will make it pass smog. but i want to check the code for the light first before i do that. Can you guys tell me what i could use on a car this old?

you could always move to missouri we dont have emissions on cars that old lol, i think its 95 or 6 and up
what state are you in, if you check engine light is on somethin is wrong within the emmissions system, missfire, bad 02 sensors etc. Otherwise if al is good YES a new cat would def make it pass emissions thats all 240s need.
im in california. ima test the ECU this weekend and get the codes. I tihnk the check engine light is on. I have a JDM gauge cluster and that light that is on isnt labled
ok. i got codes 32 and 34

- EGR function
- The EGR flow is excessively low or high during the specified driveing condition.
- EGR valve stuck closed, open, or leaking- Passage obstructed
- EGR and canister control solenoid valve
- Tube leaking for EGR valve vacuum
- EGRC-BPT valve leaking

Knock sensor circuit
- An excessively low or high voltage from the sensor is detected by the ECM.
- Harness or connectors (The sensor circuit is open or shorted.)
- Knock Sensor

I really need your help on this one. What do you recommend i do?
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First option is to remove the egr and clean thoroughly. And replace he knock sensor.
is the engine knocking or is it a bad sensor? I'd do a tune up and go from there, if it's knocking.
ok. any help in replacing the EGR valve?
So it turned out my cat was empty. The previous owner probably drilled it out. Ugh. $330 buks for new smog n cat. :lamende:
Hah, had the same thing happen to my car. Except I was forewarned of this in the first place.
I have also heard that Seafoam does wonders for emissions numbers. Look it up on youtube on how to do it and you can buy it at basically any auto parts store.
And third, where did you get the cat, because I might need one soon.

And I forgot, you're supposed to change your oil within 30 miles or so of doing the Seafoam because it makes the oil super thin or something.
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