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Well picked up my first 240 today. Has 152,9xx miles on it, owned by 2 prior people who were both mechanics and babied the snot out of the car. Payed $2000 for the car, not a single problem, the previous owner just recommend i do the clutch soon, because it is still the original, but i feels good. Interior is like new, but to bad it will be gone this winter. Bought the car to be a semi DD and project drift car because we have a track and club that has events once a month relatively close to me. I plan is to work and upgrade the car as i can until winter then gut and just work on it a ton this winter to have it ready for next years season if possible.

What is done (growing list):
Lowered 2" around
3" Cat back w/ 4" muffler

Time for some pics:

Quick vid of reving to around 3k:
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