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91 or later auto ECU on my single cam?

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I know this subject has been brought up a million times, but I am wondering if a later year Automatic tranny car, ECU will work on my 1990, stock, single cam, with a manual tranny?

My goal is to remove the speed and Rev govener without disabling the guages. I want to know if the 91 and later years AUTO ECUs are better/worse than the 1990 AUTO ECUs or will/will not work for my 1990?! Thank you for your help!

I researched for hours and did several searches, but I didn't find any first hand info that was making me comfortable enough to buy one and install it on my car. I want to be sure about this because I am not a rich bastard!!!:heyhey

Thanks again!
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a DOHC ecu will not work with a SOHC engine, nor vice versa.
why would you want to get a SOHC over 115? thats hella hard on the motor and braking from that speed is hell on the brakes/suspension
it's not that bad. i've had my tired 'ol single cam up tp 107...she liked it.
I just do.:nono
I have been 147mph in my datsun 240z, and this s13 wants more speed than just 115!:eek4:
I wear out a full set of tires in less than 4 months just driving to work. And the occasional AutoX. I have crazy fun mountain roads from my house to my job. I boil the brake fluid every day, smoke pours out from my front wheel wells at the first stoplight I hit after 17 minutes of windy road. I go through brake pads every 3 months, I am just not ever easy on my suspension or brakes. The engine is beat to hell every day! I like to work on it and maintain it. So I don't care!

I just installed new pads and turned the rotors(I had to get new calipers because the guide pins were bent from excesive stress). and I flushed the fluid and replaced it with competition spec, dot-4. I recently installed new tie rod ends, ball joints, aligned, Nismo motor mounts, and urathane bushings.

Honestly I am going on a road trip to Texas soon and I just don't want to be leaning the engine out all the time every time the fuel pump cuts off. OK, OK, I'm not a baddass, or anything, I just hate being knowing that I can never go over 115mph. The limitation just bugs the hell outa me!

Hey thanks for the info though! I might have gotten the Dual cam one, because I heard that the single cam ECU was re-used when doing an E to DE swap! So I just assumed that the Automatic ECU from a s13 would work just as well.. Correct me if I am wrong.

FYI, My single cam has faster throttle response, and against a 93 DOHC I pull on him now from a dead stop all the way through the gears! He also has a pop charger. I have just an U/D pulley, pop. charger, new OEM injectors, and just well maintained. He used to pull on me every time after 3rd gear untill tweaked my motor a bit, he is a better driver than me too. I have only been racing autox for a year, he has been since he got his license years ago. So The Single cam is not a pushover!

Thanks again!
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Revolution240sx said:
a DOHC ecu will not work with a SOHC engine, nor vice versa.
oh so true.
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