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I'm considering selling my beater S14.
1995 240sx 256k+ in Cincinnati. Trying to get some idea of value or find a buyer. I have 3 other cars and have never been a big 240 guy, but it is fun to drive so I have just kept it around.

This car is all stock except the missing cat which fell off some years back. I bought it from a friend in florida. It is one of my daily drivers and I don't drive it in the winter. There is basically zero rust under the car. The florida sun and rain wore through the paint on the roof resulting in some surface rust. The car has been backed into and I have rear ended another car a few years ago. It is still straight and drives straight but the fenders and hood are roughed up. There is a leak in the power steering, the AC stopped working a couple years back and the dash is cracked. The upholstery is in good shape, door panels are good other than the worn arm rests, engine runs great (no burning or leaking), and the transmission I rebuilt from an S13 a couple years back.

I can get more pictures including underneath if interested.

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