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hey everyone,
so i decided to abandon my KA-T project because i just bought a new i am cleaning house. up for sale is a 1995 240sx 5speed with 144k on the clock.
-motor was rebuilt at 120k
-apexi N1 style exhaust
-battery relocated to trunk
-intake with hard pipe
-unorthodox underdrive pulley
-fiberglass vader hood
-silvia wing
-drift body kit
-gram light gunmetal wheels 17x7.5 in front and 17x8.5 in back
-all season sport tires 235 front and 255 back with about 85% tread on both

the car is in great shape, but is not perfect. i was driving it daily before i got the evo, and i absoloutley love it. it will make a great project for anyone looking to build a turbo KA, or a good base for a swap. some things i would do to make it perfect:
-put in a LSD
-alternator belt squeaks sometimes
-power window switch works but is missing cover and holding unit
-cable for battery needs to be hidden under carpet
-rear window still has some old tint on it that needs to be removed
-hood has some scratches/chips and needs to be buffed
-pins for hood need to be screwed in a little bit more to make hood sit perfectly flush

these things should all be easy fixes...the car can be driven anywhere in the country, but i will not deliver. i am behind on my EVO payments, so i need to sell ASAP! first 5800 takes it...i have invested much more than that, and i think it is a great deal at that price. email me at [email protected] or call my cell 224.402.1399 and leave a message.

here are more pics...
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