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Gas is crazy. Especially when you like to hear your turbo spool up. Also 240's are pretty small. Niether of which i need right now. So im selling my perfectly running S14. I would like to buy another car just to drive everyday but im fairly poor (student). The swap has been driven on for less than two months. It has run better than any car ive owned included the same car with the KA in it.
So im taking offers. I am not desperate so PLEASE do not insult me or my car by making absurd offers.


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The interior is cloth grey. The sunroof was recently replaced (June of this past year). The rims: 18x8 HPR% 35 mm offset. 5x114.3, Riax 5G's 18x7.5 5x114.3 40mm offset both with six inch backspacing. The car is a true SE so factory 5 lug hubs, no LSD unfortunately, Spoiler, Paint is in fair condition, it is the factory job, no accidents. This car was purchased in Alabama, I am the 3rd owner and this is the first time its been in a northern state. Its been driven in snow once so no rust anywhere.

The engine:
KA blew 2 weeks after i bought the car, I still have it in my backyard if you would like it with the car,

The SR20DET blacktop from a 180sx was put in and finished by december 21st. Ive been driving on stock boost since then and no more.

Front mount
Tial 55 B.O.V.
Ram air intake
Walboro 255 High pressure fuel pump
3 inch down pipe
Z32 fuel filter
3 inch cat back (not sure of brand)
gutted cat
Electric fans
Battery relocation kit (to trunk)
20% tint all around
Pioneer double din MP3 player/XM satelite reciever

Thats all i can remember right now.

The car runs PERFECT. Not one problem yet.
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