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98 Kouki Build the long way

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So I bought an SR 2 years ago and never got around to swapping now i changed my mind.. So right Now I have... A real 98 Kouki silver moss : ) , SPL Tension rods, Toe rods, lower control arms, Everything and their solid subframe bushings.. 300zx front brakes, and coil overs coming sometime. The good news is I finally decided on an engine. You guys are gonna HATE this LS1.. ordered my block from GM and my Stainless steel main girdle from DM performance, Callies 383ci. stroker kit in the mail, World Warhawk heads, in mail, and so is the turbo, can you say T88 mmmmmm


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can you say expensive, shhiiiiit

edit welcome
The swap kit alone is $2220 from sikky
thats why its gonna take a while. there is almost 10 grand in the suspension and brakes already..
but it's GONNA BE FUN
can you say Vette eater om nom nom nom
i love it when people build up there cars like that then get to the track and suck balls. and my stock ass car is showing them how its done
yeah, i understand that this i just gonna be a DD maybe a set of slicks for a few passes no drifting. we are shooting for 800hp and hopefulyy 1000hp with some more boost and race gas at the track should be fun though
do you rob banks
Wait for it, waitttt foorr ittt.
BOOMMMMMM!, Damn 350's are known to not like to much boost, be smart and build it right.

Oh and make sure you keep an eye out on the 8th cylinder thats the first one to go do to the unbalanced bottom end
its not like he doesnt have the money to rebuild
i ordered a fully balanced callies stroker kit, but the machine shop will double check it. and the ls1 is a little better than the old 350, aluminum with ductile iron sleeves 5 bolts per cylinder. The boost shouldn't be a problem but the T56 trans. isnt gonna like that much power
no i dont rob banks. I just take my time BUILD IT RIGHT, BUILD IT ONCE, BUILD IT BULLETPROOF
your going to regret that post
lol so is my wallet my original plan was the mazworx 2.34l alpha block ($7800) for a short bolck but not reliable enough. I am doing this for all 240 owners FU( K built supras lol
The block is aluminum.......far from bulletproof lol.

Where is 10k in suspension? Seriously? Shit better piss on decked out Evos for 10k lol.

Shits gonna be siiiick.
All the SPL Shit is almost 10k well with the coilovers and lsd coiloivers not installed yet
block is sleeved from factory so almost bulletproof
Now that I think about it......I might have close to that in suspension also.....and mines not even close to done lol.

Stupid how much they make off a piece of metal like a RUCA tisk tisk.

I want ur OEM skirts ;)
when the vertex kit goes on i will let you know.. I also have a s14 SR and trans that i might sell still has factory honing marks lol

Stainless girdle mmmmmmmmm


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My SR is good to go lol. Theres a few people on here that would jump on your SR though.
this thing is going to be abso-fuckin'-lutely EPIC when you finish it. btw what wheels are you going to run on the car?
Sooooo much $$$$ just went throu my head
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