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A/C not working after electric fans were installed.

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Ok i had my electric fan for a good while now. My a/c turns on, but doesnt get cold fast enough or hot on cold days. I need a link to a diy that shows how to remove the whole a/c system minus removing the dash. I found something for an s13 dohc a/c removal. If the a/c removal on an s13 dohc is the same for an s14 let me know or give me a link to a site that tells you how to do it because ive been internet browsing since 7 am and could only find the s13 a/c removal.

Links, photos etc are much obliged. Yea i know what your going to say so you dont have to say it just help me get my a/c out of my car. I dont want to ask my buddy to do it, he has a life too. Yes i need to learn how to do it on my own, but without any instructions thats like working on your car blindfolded.

Oh yea i forgot to mention that the a/c never really worked well since i bought the car and i dont want to spend money on getting it serviced i just want to remove weight.
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