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A Few KA24DE Questions..

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hey can someone answer some of these question,

What is the difference between ka24de long block and short block?

how much would it cost to get the engine rebuild at a shop?

how long would the engine last?

how much horsepower can the rebuilt engine handle?

if i buy a rebuilt engine from a site like would it include all the parts needed, so i can just install the engine or do i have to buy part sepertly?
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I've always wondered why the SR20DET was so deng popular. The KA24DE has .4 more liters, if you turbo'd that you could get a heck of a lot more torque. One could say that the SR20DET is made for a turbo, but the money one spends to buy the SR and drop the engine in you could make the ka "turbo-ready". Could you not?

Good questions you have going there man! :tup:
dru said:
you could reason being people go down the sr route is that the sr was originally built with a turbo.

the ka t market is growing, some are even finally making cams for them
Yea, I think it was a fad that will soon be changing. If one plans on not doing much more to their car the SR is perfect. If one wants to be able to get some good power out of it in the end the KA will be better. It's nice to see that some companys are making upgrades for the KA. Is anyone making forged internals for the ka yet?
dru said:
alot of the 240sx guys on here tune their cars b/c they love the 240sx, not just because its a fad

its for the love of the car

you'll soon find out if you become a heavy reader on here

on your question about forged internals

yes they do, pauter and arias are the only companies that come to mind right now

there are plenty more tho
I wasn't refering to this forum when I was talking about fads. I was refering to the people in my town and surrounding towns who spend 4k+ on sr swaps. Those same people don't know anything about cars.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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