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A Few KA24DE Questions..

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hey can someone answer some of these question,

What is the difference between ka24de long block and short block?

how much would it cost to get the engine rebuild at a shop?

how long would the engine last?

how much horsepower can the rebuilt engine handle?

if i buy a rebuilt engine from a site like would it include all the parts needed, so i can just install the engine or do i have to buy part sepertly?
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People who know what they're talking about tend to want an SR swap over a KA because its light weight in comparison, being all aluminum. This has its advantages in racing applications, but when it comes to daily driving, the KA can handle low boost stock and still make good horsepower and torque on a budget. With a KA you can do a junkyard turbo build with mild boost and decent numbers for half the price of an SR swap, but some people argue that having an all aluminum 4 cylinder that can already handle more boost is the way to go. Both engines have their strong suits, whether it be reliability, horsepower, or budget. Though the SR20DET would be the smarter choice for track racing, in the end it comes to to personal preference: which do you have the $ and the time for?
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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