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A Few KA24DE Questions..

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hey can someone answer some of these question,

What is the difference between ka24de long block and short block?

how much would it cost to get the engine rebuild at a shop?

how long would the engine last?

how much horsepower can the rebuilt engine handle?

if i buy a rebuilt engine from a site like would it include all the parts needed, so i can just install the engine or do i have to buy part sepertly?
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neither? i'm broke and i'm a student
89S13Silvia said:
Worship the all-mighty truck motor
The Viper V10 was originally designed for the full size Ram pickup. I don't think too many Viper owners are concerned with that fact. :eek:
sr and ka depends on the type of racing u want to get into also. with the sr, it being lightweight, was made to try and get close to that 50/50 weight ratio so that the drivebility becomes easier to drive or drift. with the ka, its heavier in the front. Sr is perfect for drifting. not saying u can't with a ka, but it much more easier. with the ka, you have the iron block and the stroker kit which is more suitable for drag. better displacement better troque.

That being said, I still choose the sr over the ka anyday. yes it more expensive, but the potentiel is awesome. external work only can get u in the 10's. check out
another aspect is the sr's ability to rev out higher. Nissans fully race built ka's only see around 8500 rpms.
89S13Silvia said:
Worship the all-mighty truck motor
please retract the truck motor statement, you'll find that many users here do not like that statement :nono KA's were used in ALOT of Nissans platforms. KA-T VS SR's has been done and redone here for along time now. In the end it all comes down to personal preference. Many of the ppl here who choose to go SR is because you have a turbo straight out, it's almost a direct swap and aftermarket support is tremendous.
turboing th ka gets u in deeper than just buying a turbo kit from greddy the stock internals will hold up for a small turbo and small amounts of boost. im going the ka route. building the bottom end is at the the top of my list befor anything else
The KA is not too turbo freindly on stock internals. Reduce the compression ratio and beef up the fuel system and MAFS, and there you go. More power than an sr with boltons.

And to those who think of the KA as "just a truck motor", suck it. They use the same motors in mustangs as in ford trucks (not that ford is cool ,i hate most domestics), and chevy trucks and corvettes have the same motors. Not all the same accessories and tunes, but same motor nonetheless.
why does everyone continue to say over and over the ka isnt turbo friendly with stock internals. u can easily get 300+hp with stock internals and tuned fuel system. there are numerous examples over at thats over twice normal output so id say that the stock internals are perfectly fine if u know what your doing and not going for 500+hp range.

thiswill sum up teh whole sr to ka debate.... lol..

after words....

haha thank you I'll be here all week....

*insert applause here*
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