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a new trend in wheels?

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apparently the lips are titanium (torched i guess) either way looks really good and is probably quite expensive
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titanium shatters, does it not?
looks cool and all, but imo, that'd be a show car only type thing. no way in hell i'd want to rock that on any roads around here, or at the track.
bob, why in the blue hell are you selling your wheels?
i'm visiting ohio in 4 months, you better still have those fuckers laying around.
you know, now that you say that, i'm betting the new trend will be to have your name or some kanji torch written on the lip of the wheel.

granted it'd be fucking retarded....but so are most of the trends in cars.
only you bob.....only you.

omg, i want to slap bob.
but if you have that shit when i come up in june, and we meet up, and i see it, i will make fun of you.
too bad i won't be in the miata by then. if all goes well, it'll look really nice.
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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