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A question for all you proud RB parents

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I've been watching the vender thread in the other forum but its been a while since anyone responded. Where did you guys get your motors from? I'm trying to decide now where to get mine from and I know from experience that a place thats good about one motor may not be the best for another. So I would like to know where you guys shopped at rather than the SR guys. I'm leaning towards jazzpro at the moment.
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I already let you know. Jarco and JHot are the only two I have been going with for the past 3 years, and I have had no issuses with either of them...
haha I know man, and trust me your vote counts more than others. I just wanted to know other options. thanks again for all the questions you answered.
Got one from Jarco and one from Raceon in Miami!
Holemilk00 said:
haha I know man, and trust me your vote counts more than others. I just wanted to know other options. thanks again for all the questions you answered.

It's no prob thats what I am on here for... Now you just need to get this project going...
Ive got a shop in davie florida telling me they will buy the motor and do the RB26 swap with A/C and powersteering keeping the twins for $10k +/- $500. The place is called import japan. I've seen a few of the SR swaps they've done and they are really clean, i've also seen some gawdy stuff they've done. I don't think I can even do it myself and get out for that price. And that would involve alot of free help from friends that have done it.
I too have nothing but good things to say about both Jarco and JHOT but I have also gotten good products (and very reasonable shipping) from Just Japs Imports Inc.(JDMLinks on eBay) in Hialeah,FL (866-624-2380).
i use nad auto now, they are close to my house.
That would be semi close to me, they have a site or a number?
Got my motor from JHOT...along with some other goodies. They're really good guys, plus I'm right down the road:heyhey
jhot...havent gotten it in yet, but it looks pretty damn clean to me. very happy with the service.
Theres a few good places to buy from they all speak for themselves. All I can say is flashoptions = :nono
^^I would say the same about venus...

but for some reason others like them:12dunno
Rims and Things they are a pretty good company based on prices and shipping to residental rates.
venus is ok i have had some problems with them but i got a free head out of them i have used for small things there parts are great they do sell engines i havent used one tho
no issues with venus auto. my rb20det i got from them only had 20,000km 12k miles i couldnt belive it i check everything turbo clutch radiator the whole clip looks so low milege even venus couldnt believe it. i got a sr20det clip from them also ran like a champ. still runs actually! i know people who have bought over 45 clips from them and only had 2 be bad.
Twistex man you got some sick rides! Woot Woot!
yes may be true .. but i also have TOO MANNY CARS!!
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