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About to purchase - but want an opinion from the experts

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Okay so to keep it simple and short:

red 1989 240sx hatchback
not rust on body
floors were re welded to get rid of holes
frame will need patching to pass safety (which will cost few hundred)
Stock ka24e engine
5 speed manual transmission
about 224,XXX km on it

Guy is Wanting $1,500 - for it.

I know that's not a good deal since I have to do alot of fixing to body and prob need new parts as well, but I love the style of the body. (Cant find another one in area)
Question: should I pass on it? or what do you think I should pay for it?

This would help alot
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Offer him $900. Considering you have to put money into the frame and the motor/tranny don't have any problems. Atleast the body sounds clean, how's the paint? Also what's it lowered on?

I'm looking at a 1993 KA24DE with 85k original BONE STOCK for $2000. just to kind of compare.
I'm looking at a 1993 KA24DE with 85k original BONE STOCK for $2000. just to kind of compare.
now thats a steal. Get that. ASAP!
dont get it, find a more solid car. the car is a unibodty, that rust and rot. affects the structural rigidity of the vehicle. get somethine safer.
To shaaaft: Paint is fine and its lowered on springs. You seem to have yourself a good deal, Id get that right away like Christian_s13 said.

to rb20hatch: yeah eh - so i guess my long run plan of swapping the engine wouldnt be such a good idea ... alright thanks man

Ohh compared to your deal shaaaft - 9 bills i think is still way to much after looking more into it from this site...i think if i can get it for like 6 bills, and use it as a cruiser for a while as i look around for something else (Thats safer like rb20hatch said) then i think its fine ...

thanks for the help
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