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Advice Needed

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Okay so one year ago I picked up a really clean 91 SE Hatch with all the options from the original owner. Was bone-stock and had around 200k KM (125k miles). I have driven it for the past year without issue, however I am beginning to get bored of it.

I have three major problems with the car right now:
1) It is an automatic
2) 4x4 height
3) It's slow

Now if I were to build it, I was thinking of going exhaust, h4 light conversion, coilovers, rims,auto to manual conversion, engine rebuild, and finally turbo the ka. It would be in that order due to the funds being available, and I would also throw in other random suspension and brake upgrades along the way. That being said this route would be expensive but the car I have is in great shape.

The other route I was contemplating was to sell this car, and buy a cheaper 5speed with higher mileage and just rebuild that then turbo it. I really want a KA-T because I believe they are a great base and can be upgraded as much as you have the money to do.

Anyone care to share some insight into what route I should take? Money is kinda tight, being in university so I wanna take a route that leaves the most money available while doing it right. I want to avoid eBay parts where possible. Thanks!
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I wouldn't do anything to it. You say money is tight, i'm assuming this is your only car and it is daily driven. I would invest in another daily driver while working on the 240 as a project. At least this way you have reliable transportation and you can take your timing building the car.
how much cash do you have becuase i know of a tuning company selling a beast honda? that u might be interested in?

just slap a t4 on it and crank it up to 35lbs
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