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aem ems for rb20

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hey guys i just bought a aem ems for my rb20det and i cant find a base map for it anywhere. does any one by any chance have a base map for the rb20det??

thank for your help
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Let me Google that for you...

Ems key features

installs in minutes using plug & play technology—no wiring necessary!
Start-up calibrations included
live help window eases tuning process.
set-up wizard creates a custom base map for your car
system is fully enabled—never pay for upgrades!,21539.0.html,107.0.html
yes i found that too it says it comes with start up calibration but the only one it comes with is for a rb25.....ive tried the wizard but am still having problems getting a correct tune. if any one has a rb20det base map it would really help

appreciate the help guys
Why not shoot over to those forum links I posted, and ask them about it. I am sure they will know. I am not sure how much EMS experience is running around on here.
I am attaching the RB20DET startup calibrations.

They are pretty much crap, so once you get your car going you'll want to do a thorough tuning session.


Hey sorry about that man. I didn't clarify I need a rb20det basemap for a aem ems series 2 if you have one.

Did you check your program folder? The software comes with them.

C:\Program Files (x86)\AEM\AEMPro\Startup Calibrations
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