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I am done with my project and selling everything from it. You can see pics of everythink in my sig, well the body and engine part. Any other pics needed, please try emailing me at: [email protected] . I am selling everything to build my Jeep. I do not wish to get any further with this car.

I will start with the Body and go through everything.


Shell: 91 hatch shell. 2 small rust spots by frame rails in the front. 1 small rust spot behind rear passenger side tire underneath. Previous owner was in a accident and did a bondo job (looks fine though), on driverside quarter panel. - $SOLD

Hatch: 91 hatch, well "hatch". Glass was sprayed gloss black, exterior color is flat black. Glass is fine, defrosters are fine. - $SOLD

Doors: left and right doors. Flat black outside, gloss black inside. Manual w/ manual mirrors. Glass is fine and both windows are fully functional. - $SOLD

Dash reinforcement: - Beam that goes behind the dash, gloss black in color. $SOLD

5 speed pedals w/ all lines - $60

S13 manual driveshaft - $75


Megan Racing track series coilovers. Brand new with instructions and tools. You can check them out here. . they are 1,100 brand new. - $SOLD

Stock S13 front and rear struts. - $30

Stock J30 front and rear struts. - $30

S13 rear subframe - $SOLD

J30 rear subframe - $30

93 J30 VLSD w/ output shafts - $200

S13 open diff - $30

Various S13/J30 rear multilink parts - $20 bucks (let me know what you need)

J30 rear hubs w/rotors, calipers, brake lines, e-brake assembly. etc (5 lug conversion) - $200

J30 front hubs w/rotors, calipers, brake lines. ( 5 lug) - $200

S13 rear hubs w/ rotors, calipers, brake lines, e-brake assembly. - $50

S13 front hubs w/ rotors, calipers, brake lines - $50

S13 crossmember - $30

S13 steering rack - $30

S13 motor mounts - $20


JDM CA18DET. Reciept from engine importer over a year ago. Specs: brand new machined head: Cleaned, decked, bead blasted, ported and polished, cleaned cams, reassembled by race shop w/ reciept. Block has a 1.9MM cometic head gasket. New ACL rod and main bearings. ARP main studs, new water pump, new OEM JDM Nissan oil pump w/ new crank sprocket, new valve stem seals, new belts, refurbished CA18DET alternator, new gasket kit throughout whole engine. Resurfaced flywheel, Spec Stage 2 clutch installed. - $1000

T28 S14 ball bearing turbo. Polished compressor wheel. NO shaft play and spings freely. - $SOLD

1G DSM custom made FMIC. Custom endtanks on ends (great for v-mount setup). 35x12x3 inch core. No leaks, works fine. - $300

3 inch downpipe for SR/CA . Brand new. - $SOLD

3 inch test pipe for S13 - $SOLD

3 inch catback exhaust for S13 w/ Apex muffler - $SOLD

CA18DET wiring harness - $50

CA18DET MAFs (3) - $30

CA18DET intake manifolds - $50

CA18DET exhaust manifold - $30

CA18DET ignitors (2) - $20

KA24DE engine harness - $75

Clutch fan off CA - $20

CA18DET ignitors - $40 for all 4

DOHC KA throttle cable - $20


Alot of you people may know I did ALOT of work to my harness and have many questions about ( I get a lot of PMs about it). Well, I am selling it.

Main harness 1: this goes from the fuse box in the engine bay, around the headlights, back behind the fuse panel by your feet. This harness has elminated: horns, headlights w/ pop up wiring ( I was going to go aftermarket raceonusa SMAD headlights and save weight). A/C removed, P/S removed. not too much - $SOLD

Main harness 2: this one goes throughout the whole cabin. I think this one will sell more than the other one. This thing is stripped, the only thing this harness does is: dash instruments (which I didn't wanna leave anyway), blinkers, taillights, and fuel pump. NOTHING else, saved a good 20lbs on this harness alone. - $SOLD

Random SOHC KA:

Alternator - $30

Valve cover - $30

Intake manifolds - $30

Misc. Shit:

2 beat ass Meshies (black w/ silver lip). Don't know who makes them, they are curbed bad but hold air. Bald tires. - $SOLD

8 4x11.43 steelies with tires. Decent tread - $20 each

S13 black interior. I have everything minus seats, door panels and hatch cover. - $75 takes all with uncracked dash

S13 auto seatbelts. Work fine. - $40 for both sides with motors and all.

1 brand new 02-03 style Spec v 17 inch wheel. Mint condition - $50

4 18 inch Konig Tuner. w/ 75% tread left tires. universal 4 lug pattern. - $400

GTIR SR20DET clip leftovers - SOLD

S13 a/c condensor - $30

S13 DOHC radiator - $30

S13 DOHC gauge cluster - $40

SOHC DOHC speed sensor - $20

Nitrous Express wet kit. 50-125hp kit kit, complete. - $300

KA24DE starter - $SOLD

Q45 80mm throttle body - $SOLD


2 ground wire kits - $20 each

SVR audio series deep cycle battery for FMIC on S13 - $75

Engine stand - $NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE

Permacool 13 inch electric fan - $50

Contact again. My name is Rob.

Email: [email protected]
AIM: slideordierob
Phone: 203-525-0631 (must leave message, I dont answer calls I dont know)

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engine stand is $50 how much to ship?

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im interested in the clutch pedal + master cylinder

also interested in just the passenger side door panel with the manual window guts + handle.

how much shipped to NJ 07032

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tallic_red240sx said:
You have any pics of the engine after being built up and reassambled?
unfortunately this is the most recent assembled picture i have.

this is the new head and block on it...without oil pump, intake manifold, alternator, power steering, and valve covers.

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