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Am i good to go for boost with this setup?

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Alright guys I have purchased numerous parts to try and make my KA turbo. I am going to list exactly what i have and let you guys tell me. I am just using this car as a boosted daily driver and do not play to go stupid with the boost. Just that little extra for the time being. I bought this from the guy that sold me my 240. he had bought all of this stuff seperate but never turbo'd the engine. My engine has not been rebuild and I have not checked the compression. Just wanting to know if I have everything to do the turbo.

Air Fuel Regulator-on the car
CAI-on the car
Walboro 225-on the car
T3/4 turbo
Stainless Steel Tubular Manifold
3" cat-back exhaust
3" S14 Intercooler Piping
3" SR top mount Downpipe for the turbo
32"x2"x12" front mount intercooler
Blowoff valve with 3" adapter pipe brand new
38mm wastegate
Turbo Timer
z32/n62 MAF
370cc injectors
Boost Controller
Boost Gauge
Steel braided lines for turbo and oil feed and return kit
Oil Catch Can
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Yeah. With out any kind of tunable ECU/EMS your set-up is gonna go no where fast.
240 kid what would you recommend for the ecu? I neglected to put that i did not have an ecu up there but i am aware that i need one.
haltech, microtech megasquirt. or just go piggyback.
Nistune. Easiest and probably the cheapest to my understanding. Aside from the MS but that's a complete job on it's own. Nistune would be PnP.
Sorry to bring this thread back up but i have a question. Which is better to order from? AVP or Nistune? (i am getting nistune). AVP has two type 4 boards. One for $230 and one for $550 or so. I need the one for $550 am i correct? If i understand right the $230 one is just the board thats it. Which do i need?

You need the Package deal $550 unless your gonna Solder the board your self. AVP is a good place. 4x4le is one of the ppl there and he's on the forums.
I can buy this guy's E-Manage blue for $175. Would that be a good deal? I know nothing about emanage really not to mention emanage "blue." It does need the USB cable to go with it.

How compatible is this ECU with the 95 240 se
Its works but it's just like an expensive S-AFC that requires a lap-top.
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