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Another 240 in the garage!

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sadly though, it isn't mine.. :( but my buddy's head gasket blew on his stock 96 SE, so I'm going to be replacing it for him, along with installing a spec stage 2 clutch that has been laying around my garage for a while now.. Just seeing it out there is making me want to buy another one though.. :25drool

I'm thinking after I get my bike paid off, and CMRA ready, I'm gonna try and invest in a 97 or 98 SE.. I'm thinking that'll be a fun next project, and I'd love to be back in the community more.. It will also keep some people from asking me why I go by Kenny240.. :welcome
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and the first casualty of the project is my right thumb.. thanks to a stuck bolt, and a very sharp piece of metal, my thumb now has a 1" gash on the top of my knuckle, right at the joint.. oh well, such is life when working on cars!!
pulled the motor apart, and now I've found out why the head-gasket blew.. someone has redone this head-gasket before, and whomever did it had no idea what they were doing. they put RTV on EVERYTHING!! and that includes the head-gasket!

so, now I get to take the block to work and clean up the cylinder walls, and take the head to the machine shop to have the deck checked.. after that's all done, and my buddy gets me the head bolts/head studs we need, I'll be slapping it all back together, and getting this beast back on the road!
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