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Anyone good with photoshop?

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Hey, Basically im having a hard time deciding what color i should go for, beetween white and black. And i havent been able to find any widebody s13 silvia's , that are white, with some rota grids 17x9.5 +12mm.
So if anyone knows of such car or can photoshop some in it would be much appreciated. I didnt know if this should go in wheels or general so i stuck it in here.

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just to let you know, 9.5's will be sunk pretty far into your rear fender since your widebody.

I like the rims you have, you should get some spacers and go more low :D

p.s. This should probably be in the PS chop shop section, dont start a new thread though a mod will move this one.
ah shit, theres way to many threads on this forum, missed it i bad.

also the ones i have now are only 8" and the offset is like 35. They are sunk in very far, so i think with that offset and much wider rim they will look better. i would need a hell of a spacer to make these rims sit flush.
Thread moved to the Photo Shop Chop Shop. Enjoy the traffic!
What traffic? lol
lol he was sarcastic
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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