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Anyone Have Duraflex Type-U Body Kit On Their S14??

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Hi Ppls..I was thinking of getting the Duraflex Type-U Full Kit for my s14..Does Anyone Have this body kit and if so..Does anyone have Photos of it on their 240sx s14?? Does it fit and look good after paint?? I need Help before blowing $500.. Thanks..

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That is a pic of the authentic Uras Kit Type 4, not the Duraflex kit, which I am sure doesn't fit quite as well or look quite as good.

another Uras:

I think it's too low and too agressive of a kit, personally. I also wouldn't waste my money on a knock-off. If you want it, $500 is a bargain, that's less than half the price of the authentic product.
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All well and good till the first scrape/crack/bump. Don't forget to add fitting/prep/paint to that $500
haha thanks.. yea i heard alot of bad stuff about duraflex.. that why im asking.. and i try google the kit and only have that pics.. and my s14 is all primed up.. just need the body kit and kouki wing to complete it..thanks ppls..
you really need the dish wheels to pull that off.
If you are wanting something a little tamer, try vertex, wise sports or msports. There should be many copies of those around as they are older kits.
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