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anyone need any ka24de parts?

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theres a red 92 hatch(auto) at a junkyard near me, going there tomorrow to finish getting the starter out of it, if anyone needs anything let me know asap, im going early in the morning so if u see this after 8am tomorrow morning chances are youve missed out, just posting this to be nice, i know chances are no one will see it in time, but its the thought that counts right?
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any s14's there by any chance?
oh also, things i know are missing, fuel pump, fuel rail, radiator, radio, gauge cluster, not sure what else but if u ask ill check and if i have the money i'll snatch it for you and all i ask is what it cost me plus shipping, and i'll even have the guy write down how much each pice cost and sign it if u dont believe me, just trying to help someone out
not that i saw but i'll double check for you if youd like, 240s are pretty rare round here, went to three other junkyards with no luck, but i'll keep my eyes open for you, what did you need?
a manual transmission driveshaft with abs,

but honestly, i bet shipping would be alot for it from where you are lol. so dont worry about it. I just kind of thought about that
well i'll look for you anyways man lol may not be as expensive as you think
alrighty thanks
no body else? im leaving in bout a 1/2 hour, your loss...
hey box i looked and found one s14 but it was completely stripped, drivetrain and almost everything was gone from it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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