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Bad Jump?

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ok I have a blacktop sr20det the battery was going out so I had to jump it a few times. one of these times it failed to start up again so I thought maybe the battery was the problem so I wired it to a different battery from my impreza and still no power at all. I found that the main fuse was blown along with a inline 10 amp fuse so I found a replacement at the local Nissan dealer and tried again still no power at all. what else could have been damaged to prevent the car from getting power after a jump?

when I first bought the car it was running a baby battery for car stereos and now I'm thinking after reading a few posts on the subject that the underpowered battery may have damaged the charging or starting system, but my question is shouldn't the car at least be getting power when linked to another battery?
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check all fuses...if there good which damn obviously sum has to be bad...
that should be the prob...but post more details
only bad fuses were the 75amp main and a 10amp for the fan I believe, changed them still not getting any power.
main fuse for what was blown and which inline?
the 75amp alternator fuse, and the 10amp was to the electric fans
If you've replaced those and it's still not running get a multimeter and check the connectors. Recently had the same problem. If there is no power to the connectors it's more than likely a bad ground. The wire itself may have gone bad but check your grounds first.
the metal posts inside. I had one die on mine when i first got it. it was in my EGI relay. What a [email protected]#*h to work on.when it's cold you need to use the multimeter(mm from now on) on the center and bottom left. should be 5 prongs in the relay connections. then test it hot by using the mm on the top right and bottom left or center depending on what year you are. I'm an 89 so your wiring is only slightly different but not 100% which one to try.
if all that reads hot i hate to say but you may have pushed too much voltage through the system and fried the wiring harness. Worst case scenario. ::crossesfingersforyou::
cool thanks I will try this out ASAP.
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