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bad overheat

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hey guys i no its been covered before but i cant find an answer to my problem my rb25 keeps running hot on the highway 220f to be exact cant figure it out bleed the radiator no leaks help me out guys
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What sensor / gauge are you using to determine the heat?
ive got a thermostat in the upper rad hose
I have to ask...if you continually run hot, why do you insist on driving it? You're just killing your motor.

Anyway, fans? Do you have the right radiator? Is your water pump good? Do you have a front mount intercooler that might be blocking sufficient air from getting to the rad or is the bumper allowing sufficient air to get in? There are many variables that could affect this. A/F ratio good, fueling sufficient? You see where I'm going with this, you gave little clues to help us out.
first off im not continually running it hot drove it yesterday for ten mins and stopped bc of the overheating.

i have 2 efans a 10 and 12 inch cx racing front mount and isis intakemanifold, q45 throttle body, walbro 255 fp, cx racing dual core 2" rad.
Does it run cool at an idle, but then get hot on the highway only?
its tryin to stay around 185 but will slowly start rising i tried to bleed it again this morning
be more clear.. at idle does it stay cool then once you do some open air cruising it start to rise? could be your bumper like above not allowing enough cool air.. is the coolant/water mixture on point.. my uncle had a problem like that.. he just uses straight up water like in his big block now
no it starts to climb after about 3mins of staying at 185 at idle. im scared to take it back out on the road i dont want it to overheat bad again. and the fans are pushers and run while i cruise so it still gets some what fresh air with the bumper on. and i run 50/50 prediluted antifreeze
Pushers, as in they are pushing air into the radiator and no air is going over the motor? That could be the problem...the motor would probably still benefit from having a fan blowing air over it.
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