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bagging a car

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What is most affected if you bag your car? and by bag i mean run it to the ground, what parts of the vehicle suffer the most?
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Jack up your car and look at the bottom, Whatever you see is what will get raped. And alot of the stuff you'll see is pretty important. It's not practical to run the car slammed daily. Bags were meant for slamming it when it's parked, at a show, or on a cruise. Nothing else. Meant for being low when wanted and at a normal height when your dailying.
agreed. you can run stance coilovers really low as well, but its not practical. & the only company i can think of that sells bagged-coils is ksport. so all in all, not a very wise decision
You also need to remember there's a point in which you've passed the geometry's point, and the car's now handling far worse. You need certain clearance and distances if you want to actually USE the car.
^ +1, i think he just wanted to make it look cool... and running like -6.5 camber in the rear would achieve that. i have friend who uses his car w/1" of frame clearance & his car is pretty underivable, but he still dailies it like a rere. op, check out they have a build of a s13 vert w/ksport coilovers/bags.
Hahaha nobody outside the army ever said rere. That made my morning.

And yeah. After a certain point, the suspensions working against you.
really? my friends and i use it all the time =). and yes, ive driven his car @ the track & that thing is a bitch to drift. soo much bumpsteer & not enough suspension travel to utilize the coilovers to full potential. i know our cars come 4x4 status stock & most people lower them. but a lil slam goes a long way imo
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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