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because cali sux...

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are there any...*sigh* c.a.r.b. legal turbo kits for ka24de's? if not, would it be fine just to get one, and take it off for smog inspections?
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For anything to be carb legal, afaik, it can not be hand tuneable. Meaning any tuning hardware you get has to be engineered and factory locked.
the greddy kit for the s14 is carb legal. but what most end up doing is just running under the radar. if you get a parts by max hi-mount intercooler you wont be able to see the IC unless you have aero w/a huge mouth opening. you can just cruz around turbo'd until its smog time & rip everything off. a huge hassle, but if you want to daily a turbo 240 thats what its going to take
I have seen many people who have boosted their cars and whatnot and all you have to do is get it tuned to c.a.r.b spec.

I have been in the Ford Focus world for quite sometime. There are several people who have boosted their SVT focuses. They got it tuned to spec and passed just fine.

It may be different on nissan though. I am unsure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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