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Best place to purchase a SR20 motor?

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I have been looking around online for places that import JDM motors. But I have heard of motors that were finally swapped in, only to find the motor knocking. It may have been a result of poor inspection of the buyer/installer. I have been looking around and I have yet to see a web site that is appears to be legit. Can any of you SR20 owners shed some light on the subject?

Thanks in advance,
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ive gotten two of them from
no problems.
even when i tore them down, they were in good shape inside.
Thanks, I'll check them out.
Honestly most of the top ones that show up on google are legit, but its like anything when you buy them used, never know how someone else treated it...
Its best to go somewhere that offers warranty and does compression tests.

I got mine through
^ or, Imported JDM Engines

Latter is a forum Vendor
always gotta support the forum vendors :D lol
Thanks for the help guys.
i got mines @ japan general motors. (Japan General Motor | Importer of engines & parts directly from Japan) the website said one price, but i called in and got my price knocked down by a very good amount
If you got a little extra dough enjuku is my best possible recommendation. There are a few extra key steps taken to insure that their motors are quality. It is to my knowledge that the motors they sell are not simply yanked out of a junked silvia...just my 2 cents.
Probably come from everywhere else, a yard in Japanland, where our guys have seen the cars. No different than if you bought one here, you know it's used and abused.

Most vendors do compression and even leakdown testing, and will send you video/pic evidence from your motor.

Honestly, I don't care what the numbers say. If you're blowing that kind of $ on a motor swap, rebuild the damn thing. :)
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